Light Wings

Welcome to Lights Wings official starting page! You Will be able to see all of our main social media platforms down below including exclusive insights.


Here we post all kinds of insights such as photograhps, information, storys ect.


Tik Tok

Videos and random stuff from our members can be found in our Tik Tok account!


Learn more about us! Cluboutfit, dressage, rules, Championships, leadership are all listed in our official Website.

Interested in joning?

To send in an application you have to fill out this format! You will have a better change of getting in if you fill out as much as possible with brief Information!This club is for those interested in dressage and dressage-like events! We compete in dressage events and if you're not comfortable being filmed please include it in your description when writing the application.

Contact Information

Andrea Darkknight and Isidora Graynight